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by Matt Vasey, SAP BI Lead Consultant, Enterprise Wide | September 20, 2017
BI/SAP Professional Journal – 

Matt Vasey shows how to use native SAP HANA modelling techniques and enhancements to provide end users with a user-friendly, real-time variable selection process across massive amounts of data.

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by Karthigeyan Meganathan, Senior Business Analyst | September 20, 2017
HR – 

Karthigeyan Meganathan compares the functionalities available in SAP E-Recruitment and the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management modules.

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by Adam Getz, Manager – Business Intelligence, CGI Federal | September 18, 2017
BI – 

Adam Getz explains some basic concepts in the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.2 query and reporting tool. Follow step-by-step instructions to learn how to configure geographic data within a Web Intelligence 4.2 query so that the geographical data can be displayed and analyzed in both a map and chart format. Learn how to configure geographic data fields using Web Intelligence 4.2 so that the geographic date fields can be analyzed within geographic maps and charts.

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by Akash Kumar, Technical Consultant, SAP Labs | September 15, 2017
SAP Professional Journal/HR/SCM/BI/Financials – 

Akash Kumar explains the concept of blockchain and explores the services released by SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain service that allow users to develop blockchain scenarios.

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by Mary Loughran, Independent Consultant | September 15, 2017
Financials – 

Mary Loughran outlines the aspects of the different types of payments that can be made by the Treasury payment program as well as its configuration.

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by Karthigeyan Meganathan, Senior Business Analyst | September 15, 2017
HR/SAP Professional Journal – 

Karthigeyan Meganathan explains how to integrate the Document Management System (DMS) with SAP Enterprise Portal to enable users to quickly and easily access documents from the portal, thereby reducing the time spent searching the back end.

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by Rehan Zaidi, Senior SAP Technical Consultant | September 11, 2017
SAP Professional Journal – 

Rehan Zaidi describes the basics of Simple Transformation, the main Simple Transformation commands, and the steps required to create Simple Transformations for structures and internal tables. See how to download internal table ABAP data into a Microsoft Excel format using a sample Simple Transformation.