7 Principles for Creating Organizational Commitment to EDW Data Quality

  • by Michael Loveless, BI Strategic Architect, Sapiex, Inc.
  • Gueorgui Patchov, BW Data Architect, Sapiex, Inc.
  • October 1, 2007
Including a data validation process as part of your SAP BW or SAP NetWeaver BI implementation helps you find problems in your data more quickly and lends credibility to your data. Learn how to optimize your data validation effort with seven important principles.
Key Concept

Validation is a process that checks incoming data in your BW system. It ensures that critical data elements, such as the number of records or sums of certain value fields (key figures), are updated properly in the data warehouse.

SAP BW and SAP NetWeaver BI users must know and trust that BW/BI data is correct, complete, and current. The longer bad data sits in the data warehouse, the greater the risk of making poor business decisions based on that data. Data validation becomes more critical as the data volume increases and its use spreads across the organization.

Most organizations perform some form of data validation, but it is rarely part of a formal process. These organizations often get caught up with tracking statuses, such as the status of the data load and packet, as an indicator of BW data quality. Although this is certainly one part of ensuring proper data quality, it is not the whole story — loads can complete, but data errors can arise because of flaws in data extraction, transformation, and update. When data errors occur, user confidence in data warehouse quality erodes, which can ultimately undermine the success of the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) initiative.

Michael Loveless

Michael Loveless is an SAP NetWeaver BI strategic architect for Sapiex, Inc., a consulting group that focuses on strategic architecture planning and integration for SAP applications. Previously, he worked for SAP America (1998-2004) as a platinum SAP NetWeaver BI consultant. Michael has worked on many SAP NetWeaver BI projects in roles ranging from an SAP NetWeaver BI application configuration consultant to a global strategic SAP NetWeaver BI SME. Currently, he is working as an SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 project manager and architect for a global forecasting solution project in the pharmaceutical industry, and as a global BI strategic planner for federal government projects.

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Gueorgui Patchov

Gueorgui Patchov is an SAP BW data architect with Sapiex, Inc., a consulting group that focuses on strategic architecture planning and integration for SAP applications. Previously, he worked for the Rohm and Haas Company in Philadelphia, PA, and has provided BI consulting services in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and consumer products industries. Currently, he is consulting for a large SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 implementation project in the pharmaceutical industry.

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