Accelerating Information Steward Adoption Through Data Profiling

  • by Anurag Barua, Independent SAP Advisor
  • August 29, 2014
Receive hands-on guidance for building a simple prototype for data profiling using SAP’s Data Insight application. The technical and operational framework established during this prototype, combined with the familiarity gained with the application, helps organizations use Information Steward as part of their operational data quality and management procedures.
Learning Objectives

Reading this article you will learn:

  • Different ways for using Information Steward to meet your organization’s data objectives
  • How to set up Information Steward to meet your operational data quality management needs (such as data profiling)
  • How to use Data Insight for basic data profiling, and what the results and any discrepancies mean for your organization
Key Concept

Information Steward is a key component of SAP’s Enterprise Information Management suite that is a powerful tool for organizations’ data stewards. Its Data Insight application enables you to do a 360-degree profile of extracted data, including monitoring and analysis of metadata and data quality at both the aggregated and detailed levels.

A lot of large enterprises are not aware of how much they are affected by bad data. They have a vague idea that there are instances of bad data based on certain manifestations (such as duplicate vendor payments), but they have no concrete idea of the true amount of bad data. So what should they do?

Clearly, fixing bad data involves more than just cleaning it up—it also involves improving business processes, establishing governance, and analyzing how to retrofit clean master data into your existing transaction data. As result, you are very quickly looking at a major enterprise-wide effort that straddles departmental boundaries, is spread over many months, and is costly. Consequently, enterprises typically defer dealing with it, or make some cursory fixes and move on to other projects. Unfortunately, bad news does not just get better on its own, and the effects of bad data get worse over time. So is there any way out of this scenario? Yes, absolutely.

With SAP Information Steward (IS), users of SAP’s Enterprise Information Management (EIM) suite have a tool that provides functional users, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), analysts, and data stewards with multiple data quality analyses and improved functionality, with minimal IT support. In addition, IS can be used for purposes other than just data profiling (for which it is widely known and used), such as monitoring the quality of your data and maintaining an enterprise-wide business lexicon using Metapedia.

Anurag Barua

Anurag Barua is an independent SAP advisor. He has 23 years of experience in conceiving, designing, managing, and implementing complex software solutions, including more than 17 years of experience with SAP applications. He has been associated with several SAP implementations in various capacities. His core SAP competencies include FI and Controlling FI/CO, logistics, SAP BW, SAP BusinessObjects, Enterprise Performance Management, SAP Solution Manager, Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), and project management. He is a frequent speaker at SAPinsider conferences and contributes to several publications. He holds a BS in computer science and an MBA in finance. He is a PMI-certified PMP, a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), and is ITIL V3F certified.

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