Add Customized Search Capabilities Using Data Provider – Information

  • by Shlomi Weiss, CTO, BICS Israel, Ltd.
  • October 17, 2011
Using the Data Provider – Information (XML) tool within Web Application Designer 7, find out how to give users the ability to easily search in a predefined set of values, instead of all values in the regular SAP search screen.
Key Concept
The process of providing users a predefined set of values for searches uses the following objects: an HTML input field into which the user enters the search term, an XML output (Data Provider – Information Web item) to use for searching with the pre-defined query, and some JavaScript functions to read the XML (XPATH) and filter the report.

The basic variable screen you get when adding a Ready for Input variable to an InfoObject on a query (Figure 1) looks OK. However, it is almost unchangeable. You cannot add any functionality to it or change its look and feel.

Figure 1
A variable definition screen

Shlomi Weiss

Shlomi Weiss is CTO at BICS Israel LTD. He has 10 years of experience in classic BI and SAP NetWeaver BW. BICS Israel LTD is a niche BI consulting services company that provides a full spectrum of integrated enterprise information management consulting ser­vices and solutions, serving a wide variety of enterprises in many industries.  

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