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  • by William R. Pritchett, Senior Business Process Engineer, Dow Corning Corporation
  • October 1, 2010
When you use SAP CRM Marketing to send an email marketing campaign, you should provide recipients with a way to view the content from a Web page. This allows your contacts to read the content of your campaign if their mail reader was unable to open the HMTL content they received.
Key Concept
Some of your contacts’ mail clients may not render your emails in a format that is easy for them to read and navigate, even though you need to provide them with the information about your company’s products and services. You can work around this issue by creating a Web-based version of your email that your contacts can access from your original email.

You’re ready to execute your first mass email campaign. Your message is clear, your content is exciting, the target group includes a huge number of recipients who are sure to have an interest in your company’s products and services, and your marketing and sales employees are ready to follow up with contacts who respond favorably to the campaign. However, what happens if some of the recipients cannot see the graphics in your email because their email reader blocks them? What if some of the recipients cannot read all of the content because your HTML includes a font that is not compatible with a common Web-based email provider in their country? What if security settings or default preferences at the recipients’ companies prevent your message from getting through as you intended?

To address these questions, you can include in each outbound email a link that takes the user to a Web page with the same information as the email message. When users click the link, their browsers open the page, and the users bypass their mail readers to view your content.

I’ll show you how to save your email message as a Web-hosted HTML page. I will also explain how you can keep tracking enabled in the Web-hosted version of the form so you know how many contacts clicked on each link within the page.

William R. Pritchett

William (Bill) Pritchett has more than 25 years of IT industry experience and has worked at Dow Corning Corporation for the past 16 years. Over the past eight years he has focused on the company’s CRM systems and processes. His current responsibilities include expanding the capabilities of Dow Corning’s SAP CRM 7.0 system.

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