Add Workbooks to Users' Favorites for Improved Communication

  • by David Eady, Reporting Team Lead, SI Corporation
  • November 1, 2005
Normally, BW reporting users open a workbook from a BW role and then save the workbook to their favorites. In certain situations, it is helpful if the development team could automatically add a workbook to a user's favorites. Learn a shortcut using a function module that adds a workbook to a user's favorites without the user's intervention. You can also add a power user's workbook to your own favorites.
Key Concept
In BW BEx reporting, users have the ability to add Excel workbooks to their list of favorites. The list of favorites is handy for users because it gives them quick access to the workbooks that they use most frequently.

Many BW reporting users pull published Microsoft Excel workbooks from the roles menu, set up the filters and navigation state that they require, and save the resulting workbooks to their BEx favorites. Once their favorites are set up, users rarely return to the roles menu to open BW workbooks.

The original workbook is still attached to the BW role and anyone with authorization to that role can still access it. However, by saving the modified workbook to their favorites, the user creates a new, separate workbook that only exists in the user's favorites. This method of saving workbooks to favorites presents some downfalls for developers.

David Eady

David Eady is the reporting team lead of the SI Corporation MIS team headquartered in Chattanooga, TN. The reporting team is responsible for all aspects of SAP information delivery. David has been with SI Corporation for six years and has been involved with BW for the last four years. He has a BS degree in industrial engineering from Mercer University and lives with his wife and two daughters in the foothills of northwest Georgia.

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