Amplify Your Customer Knowledge: View SAP BW Data in mySAP CRM Automatically

  • by Joerg Boeke, Independent BW Senior Consultant and Solution Architect
  • April 15, 2006
Learn how to view SAP BW data directly in mySAP CRM without running manual queries. This technique, which involves Easy Enhancement Workbench and Analysis Process Designer (APD), allows you to view supplementary customer information (e.g., how much revenue a particular customer generates for your company) within a mySAP CRM dialog screen.
Key Concept
Easy Enhancement Workbench, a standard development tool, allows you to add data to mySAP CRM in a step-by-step wizard approach (no ABAP programming needed). Easy Enhancement Workbench automatically creates databank tables, screens, and application logic to enhance mySAP CRM data from sources you specify, such as SAP BW.
ou probably already know how to load data from your CRM system into SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW) with the help of generic or SAP-based extractors. BW consolidates, enriches, and stores that data into InfoProviders such as InfoCubes and ODS objects. But did you know that you can set up your mySAP CRM system to show SAP BW data automatically?

For example, imagine your call center. A customer calls and an Interaction Center agent takes the call. Your company uses telephone integration, which provides a dialog in CRM, so the agent can see all of the activities for this customer. In addition to business partner master data, you want the system to shows sales volume data from SAP R/3 Sales and Distribution (SD) so the agent can see how much revenue the customer generates for the company. Normally you would have to run a BW query in either Microsoft Excel (Business Explorer [BEx]) or a Web portal report to view these SD results. Wouldn’t it be great to implement the SD data into your CRM dialogs without conducting a manual query?

I will explain the two-step process to set up mySAP CRM and SAP BW to share data so you can add SAP BW information to your CRM dialogs — without running a specific report. With this technique, BW data automatically fills tables you set up on the CRM side. When you add this process to your process chain, you completely automate your retraction. The system flushes tables on the CRM side and refills them with fresh data every time your process starts.

The first step involves integrating tables to directly receive BW data into CRM with Easy Enhancement Workbench, a standard tool within mySAP CRM. In the second step, I will show you how to populate CRM tables with SAP BW data using Analysis Process Designer (APD). You perform this two-step process for all new areas of BW that you would like to transfer to CRM. Once you understand the setup it only takes a few minutes each time you want to transfer data. This example involves mySAP CRM 4.0 and SAP BW 3.x and assumes that you work with the data in Web- or Excel-based reports.

Joerg Boeke

Joerg Boeke is an SAP NetWeaver BW solution architect and senior consultant working with BIAnalyst GmbH & Co.KG, with 19 years experience in SAP NetWeaver BW, having worked on it since SAP BW 1.2A. He offers significant expertise in the SAP NetWeaver BW reporting area, including design, data integration, data visualization, performance optimization, and the cleanup of existing SAP NetWeaver BW systems. He is the author of SAP BW 7.x Reporting - Visualize your data.

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