An Easy Way to Fix Errors in a Package (Development Class)

  • by Gersh Voldman, Business Intelligence Manager, Inforte Inc.
  • January 1, 2004
Have you ever assigned the wrong InfoObjects to a package prior to transport? You probably had to change the assignment for each transport request element manually. There is an easier way, and this article shows you how to do it.


In BW, many operations are performed on a group of objects rather than on a single object. A group could have hundreds of elements. This makes it difficult and time-consuming to correct mistakes. One place where it’s easy to make a mistake is the Change and Transport Organizer (CTO) This is where you usually collect objects that have never been transported and assign them to a package (called a “development class” before Release 3.0).

Once objects are collected in the CTO and assigned to a transport request, SAP asks you to assign objects that belong to a local package ($TMP) to a transportable package. Whatever package you assign is going to be assigned to all collected objects that belong to $TMP. If you select a wrong package, this wrong package is assigned to all new objects in that request.

I’ll show you how to fix such an error without changing the wrong package assignment for each transport request element manually. Figure 1 shows how to start object collection prior to transporting them. Go to Administrator Workbench and select the Transport Connection button. I’m using a query transport as an example, because assigning a query to a correct package is very important, and query collection usually involves many elements.

Gersh Voldman

Gersh Voldman has more that 15 years of IT experience including more than 10 years in consulting. His main area of interest is BW where he has over five years of experience from more than six successful projects. Gersh is a business intelligence manager at Inforte Inc.

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