Ask the BW Expert: Extract Pricing Conditions from the R/3 Module into BW

  • by Mitresh Kundalia, Director — SAP Practice, Quality Systems & Software
  • July 1, 2004
Although SAP does not offer an extractor to transfer pricing conditions from R/3 to BW, there is a solution. The author describes how R/3 subtotals offer an approach that avoid the performance issues caused by many common workarounds. He describes the function of subtotals in R/3, and demonstrates how to use them to transfer sales pricing conditions into BW.

Dear BW Expert,

I cannot find an InfoSource for pricing conditions for sales documents in the standard business content. Can you point me to an InfoSource that extracts pricing conditions for sales documents from the KONV table in R/3?

Satish Hiranandani, Hewlett-Packard


Dear Reader,

Unfortunately, the current BW system lacks the extract structures you’re looking for to transfer sales document pricing conditions from R/3. The Logistics Extraction Cockpit (LO Cockpit) does not have an extractor for the sales orders or billing document condition values contained in R/3 table KONV.

It’s common for BW practitioners to attempt to make up for the missing extraction technology by writing customer enhancement RSAP0001 (EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001) for transferring pricing conditions. This is a mistake that can cause performance issues because the system reads conditions data in a loop. In addition, EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001 is called at the time of extraction and the conditions can change by the time the data is transferred, causing reporting inaccuracies and other problems.

However, there is an effective work-around based on subtotal fields in R/3 for transferring Sales and Distribution (SD) module pricing conditions into BW. Subtotal variables are used to calculate and temporarily store important condition values during pricing calculations in fields that are accessible for extraction.

Mitresh Kundalia

Mitresh Kundalia heads the SAP practice at Quality Systems & Software ( QS&S is a leading business and technology consulting firm that specializes in delivering superior IT solutions using SAP products. Mitresh is widely acknowledged as a leading SAP expert and has worked on various SAP assignments, including strategic planning, fresh implementations, upgrades, and post-go-live support projects. With an MBA degree in finance, Mitresh manages SAP projects with a special focus on customer-focused solutions, management reporting, profitability analysis, SAP General Ledger, and business intelligence. He is a regular contributor at SAP events and publications and technical advisor to leading journals.

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