Automate Your Interaction Center with CTI Call Attached Data

  • by Tobias Scheele, Senior Consultant and Project Manager, ecenta
  • Sebastian Angerer, Consulting Manager EMEA, ecenta AG
  • August 16, 2010
See how you can enable the transfer of call attached data to the interaction record, which allows your agents to easily access call-relevant information. Learn how to reduce call processing time by defaulting input fields with values the telephony environment collects automatically.
Key Concept
Call attached data (CAD) allows you to publish information collected by a telephony system, such as customer concerns, to your Interaction Center and provide an agent with this information when they answer a call. Combining CAD with Intent Driven Interactions (IDI) to push the data into the business flow provides a transparent and flexible approach in which you can easily adapt a process change from the business side by changing the relevant IDI rules.

Many call centers would benefit from directly providing customer information collected by telephony technology to their agents. This technique allows agents to see customer requirements (e.g., a complaint regarding a given order number) easily during a call. In call centers where agents are processing different marketing campaigns in parallel, it is beneficial if they can avoid pulling information from the customer manually and instead collect it in the telephony automation (e.g., through interactive voice response [IVR]) and push the information directly into the SAP CRM Interaction Center interface.

We will show you a technique for a scenario in which a phone call reaches an agent in the Interaction Center. By defaulting, for example, the field value Campaign ID, the agent can access an enriched version of the automatically created interaction record. The system creates the enriched version when it reads the relevant call attached data (CAD) and pushes it as an example into the corresponding field of the interaction record.

Tobias Scheele

Tobias Scheele is a senior consultant and project manager at ecenta AG in Walldorf, Germany and has four years of experience in SAP CRM and other SAP products. With a background in technical and functional consulting as well as development and project management, he has contributed to many successful SAP CRM and SAP NetWeaver BW projects worldwide.

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Sebastian Angerer

Sebastian Angerer is a consulting manager for the EMEA region at ecenta AG in Walldorf, Germany, with a total of nine years of experience in SAP products. In the role of solution architect, he has contributed to many successful SAP CRM projects worldwide, providing functional and technical consulting as well as managing the delivery of projects.

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