Avoid Split Records in MultiProviders

  • by Martin Ringvold, Independent SAP NetWeaver BI Consultant
  • June 1, 2008
When you report on MultiProviders, you can run into split records. In this situation, the report contains redundant and incorrectly categorized data. Find out how you can use restricted key figures to avoid this problem.
Key Concept

A restricted key figure is a BEx Query Designer object that represents a subset of aggregated values. It is available in Business Content or a query developer creates it in BEx. In addition to other uses, restricted key figures allow the developer to aggregate numerical values in an InfoProvider based on characteristic values. Restricted key figures can help a query developer to develop more intuitive and organized reports originating from MultiProviders.

In the design phases for SAP NetWeaver BI projects, you often generate analytical reports across functional areas. For example, you may need to create a report that spans opportunities and sales in a CRM pipeline report. This often requires the design team to merge opportunity and sales transactional data physically into one InfoCube. Or you may need to use a logical database, such as an InfoSet or MultiProvider, to cover the opportunity and sales InfoCubes.

A common pitfall occurs when using characteristics in reports that are not common between the InfoProviders covered under the MultiProvider umbrella. For instance, InfoProviders from different functional areas do not share the same characteristics. I’ll illustrate a technique to overcome a common problem encountered with MultiProviders that I refer to as split records. I will show you how to simplify reporting across functional areas and avoid expensive design implementations involving physical merging of data in your data warehouse environment. Finally, I will mention some points to consider when using this workaround. I have implemented this technique successfully with SAP BW 3.5 and SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0.

Martin Ringvold

Martin Ringvold, MBA, is an independent, certified BI solution consultant focusing on functional and technical aspects around SAP NetWeaver BI/SAP CRM integration projects. He has a background in computer science and four years of SAP NetWeaver BI implementation experience. He is currently affiliated with Nsight, Inc.

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