BEx Information Broadcasting in SAP BW 3.5 Puts Users Front and Center

  • by Glen Leslie, BI Product Manager, SAP Labs
  • September 1, 2004
SAP has expanded the feature set in the latest iteration of SAP BW. Included in the new functionality is BEx Information Broadcasting, which provides a variety of ways for users to disseminate information. This introduction to BEx Information Broadcasting and its front-end tool, the BEx Broadcaster, will give you a head start on putting it to use.
Key Concept
BEx Information Broadcasting encompasses the functionality within SAP BW 3.5 for distributing reports and other information by email or SAP Enterprise Portal. The BEx Broadcaster is a tool for precalculating and distributing queries, Web templates, and workbooks for distribution through BEx Information Broadcasting.

As part of SAP NetWeaver ‘04, SAP BW 3.5 brings a number of new features. One of the more interesting of them is BEx Information Broadcasting. With it, users can share information in a more relevant form that is timely, easily accessed, and efficiently distributed in the context of their analysis.

Meeting the broad spectrum of needs of so-called “information consumers” is one of the primary purposes of the new BEx Information Broadcasting in SAP BW 3.5. I will give you a detailed look at how this new technology for BEx-based information dissemination provides individuals with new insights and allows them to solve problems more quickly. With BEx Information Broadcasting, users can also immediately inform others of problems or potential problems that require the collaborative attention of their colleagues.

View from the Top

BEx Information Broadcasting in SAP BW 3.5 supports a variety of access points and configuration options to provide end users with the ability to define what, when, and to whom information is broadcast. Figure 1 shows how BEx Information Broadcasting applies to different usage scenarios within SAP BW 3.5. See the “Information Broadcasting System Requirements” sidebar for more details on what it takes to bring this functionality online. BEx Information Broadcasting links specific user types to whatever SAP BW sources the broadcasting user has access to and supports different broadcast modes via two different channels and a variety of formats. The two channels supported by BEx Information Broadcasting are SAP Enterprise Portal and Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP), which is the standard supported by most email/workgroup products. Numerous attributes can then be selected, influencing display and execution of the broadcast for either distribution channel.

Figure 1
The BEx suite in SAP BW 3.5

Glen Leslie

Glen Leslie is a product manager for SAP’s Business Intelligence solution. Originally a data warehousing consultant, Glen has been working with SAP BW since the 1.2B release in a variety of environments.

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