Best Practices for Allowing Power Users to Develop Queries in BW

  • by Catherine Roze, Senior BW Consultant
  • March 1, 2004
More and more businesses now authorize power users to develop queries in the BW production environment. Often the benefits of relying more on power users to create queries outweighs the risks and can even reduce the workload for your BW team. The author examines some of the key issues, policies, and best practices that you should follow to allow power users to effectively develop BW queries.


Many companies let technically savvy end users — “power users” — develop queries in BW. In fact, power users routinely develop their own new queries in the BW production environment. The complexity and technical expertise required in the R/3 production environment prevents this practice. However, businesses increasingly feel it is worth the risks associated with letting folks outside of the BW team create some of their own tools in the data warehouse’s production environment to meet the demands and pressures of daily operations.

Handing off some developmental chores lowers the overall cost of BW ownership by reducing the BW and Basis teams’ workload. User acceptance is immediate for those who create their own queries, so certain rework activities go away and query lead times are dramatically shortened. This productivity gain accelerates the growth of the data warehouse and increases the return on investment in BW.

Typically, the development environment is the place for creating queries, not in production. Developing in the production environment can lead to transport problems associated with unsynchronized systems, which can affect testing new product features and software upgrades. In addition, working in production lacks the control and standardization offered in the development environment. Taking such risks, however, may be worthwhile because creating queries in production slashes lead times, enhances “customer satisfaction,” and provides users with more appreciation for the effort involved in query development.

Catherine Roze

Catherine Roze is a senior BI consultant with more than seven years of full life cycle experience in SAP reporting and SAP NetWeaver BW with special focus on SAP NetWeaver BW enterprise reporting, performance optimization, and SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator. A seasoned BI professional, she has contributed to more than 15 SAP NetWeaver BW implementation projects for Fortune 500 companies. Catherine holds an MBA and MS (industrial technology) and is the author of SAP BW Certification: A Business Information Warehouse Study Guide.

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