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  • by Gil Magana, Principal Consultant, Intelligroup
  • November 15, 2008
Find out how you can create a custom text type in seven steps that allows you to record all the data you need to support your customers.
Key Concept

Text types are components of a basic function known as text management. They support the organization and classification of texts that serve to identify and describe transactional elements or objects. Text types are used in many business contexts, such as a sales or activity process, and although SAP supplies numerous text types, you can create new ones to accommodate your particular needs.

Implementations require you to incorporate text management into their overall design. Text management plays a major role in every aspect of SAP transactional processing from E-Commerce to Interaction Center to Field Sales. For example, in a call center environment, agents must access key information while logging key notes or comments from the customer collected during the call.

In this particular case, tools such as the scratch pad or text types provide a quick and efficient means for agents to leverage the standard functionality they need to meet increasing customer demands. However, more often than not, my clients expect more from text management in their SAP systems. Given that no one business or industry is alike, the demands from clients are far from typical and strong opinions favor more accommodating software.

SAP text management functionality ensures that agents can access or identify key text sources or notes during a call from almost any view. However, there comes a time when identification is not always enough. In some cases it may be deemed necessary to assist agents further by incorporating templates within the text type to guide the user in collecting all the necessary details.

For example, your business may decide to leverage the sales order process to cater to multiple business scenarios. Each situation requires different details to be documented as part of that call so that the proper post- processing procedures can occur. As such, your agent may not always remember to capture each of these particulars due to the various processes. Predefined text templates extend the usability and functionality of text processing by allowing users a means of accessing key information. They serve as a reminder to populate the aspects of the call necessary to process the transaction properly. I will explain in detail how you can enable this functionality to meet these needs.


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