Decrease Interruptions in Process Time with CEBP Configuration for Business Roles

  • by Glenn Abel, President, Covington Creative, LLC
  • March 11, 2011
Learn the steps to configure communication-enabled business processes in SAP CRM Interaction Center, which can decrease delays to critical processes if a particular employee is unavailable for a client.
Key Concept
Communications systems integrated with business systems can use communication-enabled business processes, which are embedded communication and presence capabilities to improve the flow and efficiency of an enterprise's business.

Suppose a client wants to ask about a service. The client calls a company’s 800 number, and the call routes to the agent assigned to the client’s account. However, the agent has stepped out for lunch and the client receives voice mail. Now, a call-back is required by the employee. The client becomes impatient and places another call to the 800 number. Will the client’s call go to voice mail again?

Communication-enabled business processes (CEBP) can help companies avoid such latencies in critical process execution by giving users of applications the ability to identify the presence status of other users and based on that information, take appropriate actions, including transferring a call with the business context in real time. Looking back at the opening example, CEBP could search out other agents to route the client call to instead of putting the call to voice mail.

Organizations that use CEBP may realize quantitative benefits (e.g., decrease in overall process execution time) and qualitative benefits (e.g., increase in customer satisfaction). However, quantitative benefits are generally easier to prove than qualitative benefits in terms of return on investment. Every CEBP initiative should align to customer service goals primarily and operational efficiency goals secondarily. Effective CEBPs require a supporting communications management system (CMS) that:

  • Supports multiple communication channels
  • Features native integration with the application
  • Supports presence features

A CMS, such as SAP Business Communications Management, acts as the engine that drives the CEBP process, while SAP NetWeaver offers the integrated communications interface (ICI) to connect SAP CRM to the CMS.

Glenn Abel

Glenn Abel is the president of Covington Creative, LLC, and has been working with SAP CRM multi-channel communications for more than 11 years. He has participated in dozens of successful SAP CRM implementations. His certifications include SAP CRM 7.0 and SAP Business Communications Management.

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