Define Your Business Processes More Clearly with Dynamic Follow-Up Transactions

  • by Uri Dembo, SAP CRM Consultant and CEO, Fishman Dembo Consultants
  • April 5, 2012
Learn how to configure a mechanism that controls which follow-up transactions will be available for a given transaction type based on the source transaction and status.
Key Concept
You create a follow-up transaction to directly follow another transaction. Data is transferred from the original transaction to the follow-up transaction, linking the two together.

In new versions of SAP CRM, the CRM WebClient UI is fully customizable, and configurators usually hide views and fields that are not relevant to the user. When a user wants to create a follow-up document, however, he or she receives a full list of all activities, tasks, and sales and service transactions according to copy control.

For example, perhaps your system handles parking tickets. Once a parking ticket is sent to a customer, the customer can appeal the ticket. It should not be possible to appeal twice on the same ticket, so the appeal option generally should not be available in the system after the first time. Having said that, the district might have two levels of appeal, so if the first level appeal is rejected it might make sense to allow a second level appeal. It might also make sense to disable the appeal option once the parking ticket is paid, as the customer will likely not appeal the parking ticket after this point.

I explain how to add an additional custom table that enables you to easily create and configure complex business scenarios. This new customizing table allows you to build a business process based on business transactions and statuses. You can thus control which follow-up documents are available.

Implementing this solution requires developer rights, and knowledge of ABAP. The solution described is based on SAP CRM versions 6.0 and 7.0.

Uri Dembo

Uri Dembo has been an SAP consultant since 1997 in the areas of SAP ERP SD and SAP CRM. He is the CEO of Fishman Dembo Consultants, Ltd., an SAP Special Expertise partner in the area of SAP CRM. He is also an SAP CRM team leader at Colmobil Israel.

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