Design Better Custom Extractors for ODS Delta Loads

  • by Bharat Patel, SAP BW System Manager, Bharat Petroleum, India
  • Shreekant W. Shiralkar, Global Head, SAP Analytics CoE, Tata Consultancy
  • July 1, 2004
A better understanding of the role the "ROCANCEL" field plays in R/3 and the corresponding "0RECORDMODE" InfoObject in BW allows you to design better delta load solutions. The authors introduce "ROCANCEL" and "0RECORDMODE" and describe a custom extractor they created for processing these values.

When performing delta loads with an ODS, the ROCANCEL field in R/3 plays a vital role for record processing along with its BW counterpart, InfoObject 0RECORDMODE. Extractors delivered as part of the SAP R/3 Plug-In package convey the appropriate values to ROCANCEL, and these values are assigned to InfoObject 0RECORDMODE in the transfer rules for the data source. The ROCANCEL and 0RECORDMODE values identify records as new, changed, or deleted in the source system.

Processing these values happens automatically, so you may not have been aware of it in the past. However, understanding the procedure is critical if no standard R/3 extractor is available and you must create a generic extractor with delta capabilities that passes the ROCANCEL values on its own. No generic extractor program linked to the R/3 application provides values for field ROCANCEL, so you’ll need to develop a custom workaround. Also, when data is coming from non-SAP systems, understanding how processing ROCANCEL values works will help you to design better BW solutions.

We will provide you with an overview of what happens in the R/3 system when field ROCANCEL is populated with certain key values for a delta load. We will also introduce you to the corresponding InfoObject in BW (0RECORDMODE) and show you how it processes values assigned to the records in field ROCANCEL. Then we’ll show you how we developed a solution based on a custom generic extractor and ODS that processes the ROCANCEL/ 0RECORDMODE values.

Bharat Patel

Bharat Patel is experienced in managing data warehouse technology for the petroleum industry. He is an SAP-certified BW and ABAP consultant, has authored a book on SAP BW, and teaches courses on BW and ABAP at the Sapient Academy and SAP Labs India. Bharat has presented papers about BW at Business Intelligence India Group (BIIG) conferences. He presently manages the SAP BW system at Bharat Petroleum, India.

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Shreekant W. Shiralkar

Shreekant W. Shiralkar is a senior management professional with experience on leading and managing business functions as well as technology consulting. He has authored best selling books and published many white papers on technology. He also holds patents for innovations. Presently he is global head of the SAP Analytics Centre of Excellence at Tata Consultancy.

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