Display BW Reports More Easily Within mySAP CRM

  • by Amar Kumthekar, Manager, Applications Management
  • June 15, 2006
Access BW reports from mySAP CRM People-Centric UI with the click of a button. Find out how you can create a custom button for your toolbar. Then see how to assign a user-defined Business Server Page to pass the BW link to mySAP CRM, which allows you to view the BW report in a pop-up window when you click on the custom button.
Key Concept
The user interface framework of an access class incorporates standardized interfaces to access the business model. The access class stores the business logic that you can attach to screen layouts.

In a recent project, CRM business users requested a user-friendly way to display demographics data (stored in BW) for a customer (account). The users already had a link in the Account Name column that I configured to launch opportunities for the selected account. The users wanted a new button to give them an additional way to launch an application outside of mySAP CRM.

My solution was to display the BW report in a pop-up window within mySAP CRM People-Centric User Interface (UI). The user selects the account in the search area and then clicks on a button labeled Demographics to launch the BW report only for the requested customer account. (For the example in the article, I created a custom button labeled ACC URL2.) The users could also access this report in a Web browser via a hyperlink. My challenge was devising a way to send the customer account number dynamically to BW.

In the company’s system, SAP Enterprise Portal 5.0 connects mySAP CRM 4.0 and SAP BW 3.1 through single sign-on. There is a trusted relationship between SAP Enterprise Portal and mySAP CRM and another trusted relationship between SAP Enterprise Portal and BW. Business users who want to view the BW report must have the proper security authorization in BW. These users should have the same user ID in both systems so that when they launch the BW report from mySAP CRM, the system does not prompt them for another sign-on.

On my team, we had a CRM functional role and a CRM developer role. The CRM functional role has security roles that include modifying field groups and application layout. The CRM developer role has the security roles applicable for an ABAP developer, including access to transactions SE80, SE11, SE24, and SE38 and role S_DEVELOP. You could assign both roles to one person or assign two different people to the functional and developer roles. To implement this solution, I used ABAP Workbench and applied CRM Customizing option knowledge in transaction code SPRO.

The design included a new button in the toolbar of the main window with an event linked to this button and an application link button to launch a new pop-up window. Then I used code modifications to call a custom Business Server Page (BSP) to pass user-defined links to launch the BW report. I also had to resolve a time-stamp issue that caused an error. I accomplished this plan with a four-part process:

• Create a button and link to a pop-up window

• Call a BSP from the access class

• Create a user-defined BSP application

• Create a custom preview

Amar Kumthekar

Amar Kumthekar has 10 years of SAP R/3 and SAP NetWeaver experience in the automotive, healthcare, and software industries. In the last couple of years he has contributed to multiple mySAP CRM implementations. He is an active participant in ASUG SAP CRM forums. Now based in San Diego, Amar is a manager in an application management organization at a Fortune 20 company. He is also responsible for leading the SAP technical development team for its SAP R/3 projects.

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