Display Characteristic Values by Key with Longer Text Descriptions

  • by Iliya Ruvinsky, Managing Partner, Skywind Consulting, Ltd.
  • July 1, 2004
When displaying a characteristic by key and text, the BEx Query Designer automatically displays the shortest available text from the InfoObject's text table. But what if you want to have longer descriptions? The author presents a way to automatically provide long text descriptions with a characteristic's key without taking drastic steps such as deleting text table entries.

BEx Query Designer has a number of options for displaying characteristic values. Depending on an InfoObject’s definition, you can display a name or key for a characteristic value, a combination of both, or display nothing at all. You can also provide a short, medium, or long name or description so users can more easily identify the characteristic. While the list of options is complete, you’ll have to take additional steps if you want to the system to automatically display a characteristic with its key and a long name.

BEx automatically selects the shortest text available from an InfoObject’s text table when displaying a characteristic by key and text. When a text table has a short, medium, and long text field, the short text displayed. If the text table has medium and long descriptions, BEx defaults to the medium text field. The system displays the key and long text only when no short or medium field is in the InfoObject’s text table.

If you want to display a long description along with a characteristic’s key automatically, the short and medium fields must be eliminated when maintaining the InfoObject. If you do this, however, you may face other headaches. Eliminating descriptions means they won’t be available if they become necessary at some future date, forcing you to recreate them. This results in a circular problem because the newly created short and medium fields must be deleted if it becomes necessary to display a characteristic’s key and long text automatically in BEx.

Iliya Ruvinsky

Iliya Ruvinsky is a managing partner at Skywind Consulting Ltd., Israel. He is an SAP-certified BW consultant and instructor with more than 12 years of experience working with SAP BW and SAP BusinessObjects. He is an implementation and project management expert, serving for more than eight years as a trusted advisor to a wide range of Israeli enterprises, including in the insurance, energy, sales, and logistics industries. He is a graduate of the University of Tel Aviv, Israel, holding an MBA in information systems analysis.

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