Display External RSS Feeds Without Loading Them Into SAP NetWeaver BW

  • by Shlomi Weiss, CTO, BICS Israel, Ltd.
  • December 2, 2011
See an example of how to combine SAP NetWeaver BW data with data coming from almost any RSS feed. You can display the data inside SAP Web Application Designer without having to upload it into SAP NetWeaver BW, which gives the user the ability to display online information side-by-side with internal data coming from SAP NetWeaver BW.
Key Concept
RSS feeds have become very common. Many Web sites offer them as a service to keep track of what's new in the site – for example, RSS feeds for stock prices or traffic information in a specific area. You can display the feed in your Web Application Designer (WAD) screen along with your regular BW reports. You use basic HTML elements, such as a marquee tag and a li tag, along with JavaScript to consume the RSS feed and design it to feed a Web template created in WAD.

Here I give a step-by-step procedure to show how to consume RSS feeds and display them in a Web Application Designer (WAD) template along with other data coming from your SAP NetWeaver BW system. You can add data coming from any RSS feed to any template without having to actually load the data into your BW servers.

Many business scenarios can benefit from such a solution (e.g., stock information together with internal financial data from SAP NetWeaver BW or traffic reports from RSS together with internal shipments data from SAP NetWeaver BW).

As an example, I use an RSS feed on a NASDAQ site to show quotes for the following symbols: SAP, ORCL (Oracle), MSFT (Microsoft), and APPL (Apple).

Shlomi Weiss

Shlomi Weiss is CTO at BICS Israel LTD. He has 10 years of experience in classic BI and SAP NetWeaver BW. BICS Israel LTD is a niche BI consulting services company that provides a full spectrum of integrated enterprise information management consulting ser­vices and solutions, serving a wide variety of enterprises in many industries.  

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