Dynamically Integrate SAP NetWeaver BW Query Data into PowerPoint

  • by Joerg Boeke, Independent BW Senior Consultant and Solution Architect
  • June 10, 2010
Using existing SAP technology to integrate your live BW Query data within Microsoft PowerPoint helps you avoid extra work. You can achieve this direct data connectivity without the need for third-party software. Instead, you can use basic Microsoft Office functionality with the SAP NetWeaver BW Object Linking and Embedding Database provider, which is standard with SAP GUI 7.10.
Key Concept
Direct SAP NetWeaver BW data integration reduces redundant work. For example, instead of copying charts or pictures into your enterprise presentation each month, you just have to refresh your build in the data sheet by using SAP NetWeaver BW queries.

Most of us have had to present company data using Microsoft PowerPoint — or have had to prepare such presentations or the screenprints for such presentations. Chances are, you ran a BEx query, aligned a specific chart to that data, and copied the chart into the designated PowerPoint presentation.

Have you ever calculated how many hours per year you or your colleagues spend with copy-and-paste actions for such presentations? I bet that it is quite a lot more than just a single day of work, despite the fact that it is a mind-numbing task to copy and paste over and over again.

I show you to how to implement a PowerPoint presentation that directly loads its data from SAP NetWeaver BW by using a query. The process I describe helps you to define a presentation once and have the presentation adopt its charts by just a simple refresh of query data.

To follow this process, you need:

  • SAP BW 3.x or SAP NetWeaver BW 7.x
  • SAP GUI 7.10 installed at the client PC to use for the PowerPoint data integration
  • Experience with SAP BW 3.x or SAP NetWeaver BW 7.x query builder
  • Microsoft Office: I used Office 2007 in my example. The functionality is available with older versions of Office, but the screens might look a bit different.

Joerg Boeke

Joerg Boeke is an SAP NetWeaver BW solution architect and senior consultant working with BIAnalyst GmbH & Co.KG, with 19 years experience in SAP NetWeaver BW, having worked on it since SAP BW 1.2A. He offers significant expertise in the SAP NetWeaver BW reporting area, including design, data integration, data visualization, performance optimization, and the cleanup of existing SAP NetWeaver BW systems. He is the author of SAP BW 7.x Reporting - Visualize your data.

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