mail Threading Gives IC Agents Quick Access to Customers’ Email History

  • by John Burton, Director Solution Management, SAP Interaction Center & Social CRM, SAP
  • March 15, 2007
Find out how you can configure email threading so emails related to a particular service ticket or case appear together on one screen in the agent inbox. This not only links the email to the related business document, it also routes the email to the correct processor.
Key Concept

Email threading allows E-Mail Response Management System (ERMS) to maintain email threads with respect to business documents. In other words, ERMS can group emails that pertain to the same issue. For example, you can link all of the emails associated with a particular service ticket in a single thread. When an agent views the service ticket or case in Interaction Center, the agent sees the complete email thread (from both the customer and the agent) dealing with that particular case or service ticket. Additionally, ERMS can route an incoming email to the agent assigned to the issue.

Imagine this: It is 8:01 am and an agitated customer calls demanding to know the status of his service ticket, which he reported three days ago. The ambushed call-center agent answers, “Yes sir, I can help you with that. Can I please have your —.” The customer interrupts, saying, “All of the information is in an email that I sent to you an hour ago.”

The agent apologizes and starts to search furiously through the system for the customer’s email. After several minutes of searching, the agent cannot locate the email. The agent apologetically informs the customer that the email is lost and that the customer needs to provide all of the information again. Click.

The agent hears the dial tone — the sound of another lost customer. Now, instead imagine that the agent could locate the customer’s email, which was linked directly to the customer’s most recent service ticket and prominently visible in the list of recent interactions. Imagine that the agent was able to say, “Yes sir. I have your ticket right here. I see that our engineering team provided a fix for that issue last night. Let me email the solution to you right now. Hopefully, we can get your system back up and running immediately.” Imagine the customer remained a happy customer instead of becoming a competitor defection.

Email threading allows you to link emails related to a service ticket or case together for easy access. In mySAP CRM 2005, SAP provides a couple of new pieces of functionality to accomplish this threading:

  • Automatic creation of service tickets via E-Mail Response Management System (ERMS)

  • Automatic linking of email to the related service ticket (or case)

  • Automatic routing of email to the processor of the current service ticket (or case) to which the email refers

I’ll explain the configuration you need for setting up email threading in Interaction Center (IC) WebClient. I’ll show you how to create a mail form with a tracking ID in ERMS as well as how to insert the mail form into an email. Then I’ll explain how you can use Rule Modeler to set the email linking rules.

John Burton

John Burton is a director of product management at SAP and is responsible for the SAP CRM Interaction Center (including ERMS) and social CRM topic areas. John has 13 years of experience at SAP and has been involved with SAP CRM and the Interaction Center since 1999. He is also the author of Maximizing Your SAP CRM Interaction Center, available at the SAPinsider Store. John is an alumnus of the University of Michigan and Central Michigan University. John can be found on LinkedIn at

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