Enhance Report-Report Interface: Create Custom Report Type as Receiver

  • by Stan Pacyna, Senior BI Consultant, Data-IQ Consulting, Inc.
  • November 1, 2008
With the proliferation of front-end reporting tools comes the challenge of achieving a seamless navigation within applications composed of multiple report types. It also results in a greater need to pass complex sets of parameters from one report to another. When standard methods offered by Report-Report Interface fail to support such requirements, users often must manually execute related reports and copy and paste the necessary parameters. Find out how you can achieve seamless integration by defining custom report types.
Key Concept
You can enhance the standard set of report types predefined in SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 as jump targets (receivers) with custom report types. When fully coded, the system displays the custom report types in the list of available choices proposed by transaction RSBBS (maintaining BW sender-receiver).

Report-Report Interface (RRI) makes it possible to jump from one report to another. It comes predefined with a number of report types as jump targets (receivers). Standard jump targets include BEx Queries, Web applications, Crystal Reports, InfoSet Queries, transactions, ABAP reports, and Web addresses (URLs). In certain situations it may be necessary to jump to report types not defined in the standard RRI. You may also require field mappings between the sender and receiver that are not supported by the generic interface. If the standard interface does not satisfy your requirements, you can implement your own custom report types as receivers.

It is fairly easy to define two queries — for example, a summary level and a detail level — and add the ability to jump from the summary level to the detail level. Consider the sample data presented in Tables 1 and 2. The summary level query in Table 1 lists order quantities per material. The detail level query in Table 2 breaks up the order quantities by material and order date. Users can select a material listed in the summary level and have it displayed in the detail level query, with its total order quantity broken up by the order dates.

Stan Pacyna

Stan Pacyna is a senior SAP NetWeaver BI consultant at Toronto-based Data-IQ Consulting. Over the past seven years he has concentrated exclusively on the implementation of BW solutions. He participated in multiple projects at various Fortune 500 companies. Data-IQ specializes in SAP NetWeaver BI, with particular focus on the application of SAP NetWeaver BI solutions within the area of strategic, tactical, and operational dashboards. It advises clients on the best approach to introduce SAP NetWeaver BI to their organizations.

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