Enhance Your CRM-to-BW Reporting with Marketing Attributes

  • by Rakesh Kalyankar, SAP NetWeaver BW- and HANA-certified consultant, SAP
  • December 18, 2012
Learn how to capture SAP Customer Relationship Management marketing attribute data in SAP NetWeaver BW and use it in reporting, with a focus on a complication that, if left unchecked, can result in incomplete data. Sample code is included.
Key Concept

Marketing attributes are used in SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to store data that can segregate customers into various segments. You then can use the segments to drive personalized marketing campaigns. The data stored in marketing attributes can be assigned to business partners and is usually not part of the business partner master data in SAP CRM. These marketing attributes can be used in SAP NetWeaver BW to enhance reporting based on customer segments.

Marketing attributes are used to achieve customer (i.e., business partner) segmentation in an SAP Customer Relationship Management system. This segmentation allows you to perform selective marketing to your customers.

Based on a loyalty program, a retail company might have various customer segments, such as age group, occupation, hobbies, or purchase frequency. For example, using marketing attributes, a company can target marketing campaigns providing special discounts on stationery for customers who are students.

Marketing attributes can have one or multiple values assigned to them. Although the age group is an attribute that can have only one value assigned to it at any time, the hobby is an attribute that can have multiple values.

All this is straightforward — except for an important complication: Each attribute needs to only hold one value or you risk getting incomplete data. A solution is to create one InfoObject for each attribute value, which I explain how to do.

Rakesh Kalyankar

Rakesh Kalyankar is an SAP NetWeaver BW- and HANA-certified lead and architect, working with SAP Global Delivery in Bangalore, India. He speaks regularly at events, such as SAP TechEd and BIIG. He is also an SAP trainer and writes frequently about SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA topics. Prior to his starting his consulting work, he was part of the SAP NetWeaver BW research and development team at SAP Labs, and he has worked on the development life cycles of SAP NetWeaver BW releases, including versions 7.30 and 7.03.

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