Enhance the CRM WebClient UI with Custom Fields

  • by Boris Dingenouts, Senior SAP CRM Consultant, Exxap
  • Manuel Dekker, Senior SAP CRM Development Consultant
  • October 15, 2008
Walk through a step-by-step example of how to enhance the new CRM WebClient UI. With SAP CRM 2006s and SAP CRM 2007, you do not need programming experience to customize your CRM WebClient UI screens.
Key Concept

The business role determines the functionalities a user can access. Within the business role, the config key determines the screens the user sees.

SAP CRM 2006s and SAP CRM 2007 offer significant updates to the SAP CRM application. The main advantage for implementation specialists is that the new releases deliver an easy-to-use configuration workbench. This makes it possible for functional consultants with very little technical background to define the screen layouts without programming.

In this article we share our experience in defining screen layouts in the new releases. In our example, our company sends different colors of golf balls for promotional purposes, so we want to record the favorite color of each contact person in SAP CRM. This is not a standard SAP field, so we need to add the field Favourite colour to the contact person overview page.

To fulfill this requirement, we need to carry out the following steps:

Step 1. Identify the component to enhance

Step 2. Create the enhancement set

Step 3. Enhance the component

Step 4. Enhance the view

Step 5. Enhance the context node

Step 6. Add the field

Step 7. View configuration

Although this process applies to both SAP CRM 2006s and SAP CRM 2007, we are using SAP CRM 2006s for the steps in this example. In SAP CRM 2007, the process differs slightly. For example, in SAP CRM 2007 edit pages are usually displayed within the assignment block, whereas in SAP CRM 2006s they are not. Also, SAP CRM 2007 SP1 no longer requires display pages.

Boris Dingenouts

Boris Dingenouts is a senior SAP CRM consultant for the Dutch consulting company Exxap. Boris has more than 11 years of consulting experience in SAP, with more than six years in SAP CRM. Exxap is an innovative SAP consultancy company with a focus on SAP xApps.

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Manuel Dekker

Manuel Dekker is a senior SAP CRM consultant and founder of the Dutch consulting company Omnidev. He has 12 years of SAP consulting experience, of which the last seven years has been with SAP CRM. His main focus is the design and implementation of custom solutions.

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