Experience Faster Enhancements with the Remodeling Toolbox

  • by Allison Levine, Senior SAP Business Analyst, Tesoro Companies, Inc.
  • September 10, 2009
The new remodeling toolbox in SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0 enables you to decrease your enhancement delivery times and increase end-user satisfaction. Find out when you should use it and learn tips for overcoming issues you may encounter.
Key Concept
The remodeling toolbox gives developers the ability to alter an InfoCube’s structure quickly. Developers can alter the InfoCube even if data has already been loaded because no data is lost in the process. Your speed of delivery for enhancements can increase immensely by modifying InfoCubes instead of redeveloping them from scratch, giving you more flexibility. You can add, replace, or drop characteristics or key figures in your existing InfoCubes, without dropping the data.

Although many organizations upgraded to SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0, most are unaware of some of its new functionality. I explain the use of the remodeling toolbox and how you can use this new feature to efficiently change an InfoCube to correspond with changes in your business or data. In addition, I cover both the advantages and dilemmas faced in using the new remodeling toolbox feature.

Remodeling allows you to change an InfoCube’s characteristics or key figures by adding, removing, or replacing them based on the rules you define. You can completely delete characteristics or replace them with a constant value, the value of another InfoObject, the value of an attribute of another InfoObject, or with a value drawn from a customer exit. Likewise, you can also delete key figures, substitute them with a constant value, or insert a new key figure in which you derive the values by using a customer exit or a constant value.

Allison Levine

Allison Levine is a senior SAP business analyst at Tesoro Companies, Inc., a Fortune 100 company. She has more than six years of experience with analysis, design, development, and documentation of solutions using SAP systems including SAP R/3, SAP ECC 6.0, SAP BW 3.5, SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0, SAP NetWeaver Portal, and SAP BusinessObjects. She began her career as a Microsoft systems administrator before moving into the SAP arena. Allison holds an MBA in ecommerce and currently serves as the vice chair for the Texas Central chapter of ASUG.

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