Find Data Faster through Stronger Visualization Capabilities from EPM Solutions in Xcelsius

  • by Lorelle Gibson, Senior Consultant, Column5 Consulting
  • May 14, 2011
Extending the visualization capabilities of Xcelsius to display data from BusinessObjects enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions requires an evaluation of data sources and complexity. Learn two approaches to related data integration and discover insights for enabling Xcelsius Enterprise 2008 connectivity to EPM solutions.
Key Concept

Heterogeneous data sources refers to data that exists in different forms (e.g., relational database, OLAP cube, text file). There may be a common data value within each data source but the data are represented differently and at different levels of detail. An example: Budgeting is entered into BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation at a month level, and the date is stored as YYYYMM, but in Actuals, budgeting is loaded into another data source at a daily level and date is stored as mm/dd/yyyy.

Incorporating data from SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions in Xcelsius strengthens data visualization capabilities and enables business users to view data from multiple solutions in a single interface. Users benefit from an easier and faster way to find information with a consistent look and feel. When integrating EPM solutions with Xcelsius, organizations must adapt their integration strategy based on whether data resides exclusively in these systems or whether it resides in multiple, heterogeneous sources.

For example, when source data exists solely in BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, Financial Consolidation, or Profitability and Cost Management solutions, the EPM connector and SAP BusinessObjects extended analytics analyzer effectively support data integration. However, when data resides in disparate sources of varying structures, you should establish a semantic layer to bring conformity to the various data by enabling extract, transform, and load (ETL) or enterprise information integration tools.

I discuss two integration scenarios:

  • Visualizing data exclusively from EPM solutions in Xcelsius Enterprise 2008
  • Visualizing data residing in EPM solutions and other, heterogeneous sources in Xcelsius Enterprise 2008

Lorelle Gibson

Lorelle Gibson is a senior consultant at Column5 Consulting. She is experienced in delivering business intelligence solutions, including analysis, design, development, testing and user training. She specializes in SAP BusinessObjects product suites, including SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise installation and administration and development of reporting and dashboard solutions. Since joining Column5, she has been implementing integration solutions between SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management products.

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