Follow These Data-Cleansing Best Practices to Ensure Accurate Data in BW

  • by Lori Vanourek, BI Specialist, BI Product Management, SAP Labs
  • June 1, 2003
Inaccurate data can enter BW from a source system or become corrupted once extracted. The author explains how data can become corrupted and describes the means available in BW to identify, avoid, and repair bad data.


Since SAP BW serves as a tool for decision-making, it is imperative that data within the system be accurate. One cause of inaccurate data is contamination due to errors, duplicate or missing items, and other inconsistencies. This is why most BW implementations perform data cleansing to some extent. If your site does not, or more likely, if your data-cleansing efforts are not as thorough as they might be, then I will show you how to best approach the task. I will identify the most common causes of contaminated data and explain what tools are available within BW for avoiding, identifying, and repairing contaminated data.

Lori Vanourek

Lori Vanourek started with SAP in 1996, after receiving her master’s degree in international business from the University of South Carolina, as a financial applications consultant focusing on the reporting and information analysis requirements of SAP’s customer base. She moved into the BW practice with its first release and has since specialized in the BW product, currently as a member of the BW product management team. Prior to joining SAP, Lori spent five years in the private sector as a financial analyst.

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