Fully Automate Your BW Load Processes with Standard Tools (and a Little Creativity)

  • by Luke McElwaine, Associate Director - Global Technology, Barclays Capital
  • April 1, 2004
Manual data loads, such as daily and monthly refreshes, can impede your BW team and increase the risk for human error. Fortunately, data load automation is an attainable goal. The author demonstrates how to automate your load processes using examples, InfoPackages, and custom code.


Many BW teams overlook their systems’ ability to completely automate load processes. Instead of automatically performing daily and monthly refreshes and other data loads, BW is often implemented in a manner heavily reliant on manual intervention, which makes it prone to all sorts of problems resulting from human error.

I have read some terrific tips on automating specific load steps, but it has not offered much insight into completely automating load processes. This is unfortunate, because a lack of automation has the potential to greatly hamper the availability and reliability of your overall system.

With the experience of one who has worked with BW since its infancy (1.2B) through 2.0B, and who is currently working with the BW 3.2 Business Content, I will detail the decisions you need to make prior to attempting fully automated load processing. I will offer you tips for success, and review some of the core pieces of functionality found in BW. Then I will walk you through how my team used BW features (augmented with custom coding) that allow us to achieve near- complete automation.

Luke McElwaine

Luke McElwaine is the BW Team Manager at Barclays Capital. He is lead developer at the firm with four years of experience providing BW solutions, and eight years of experience working with SAP across Financials, Controlling, and Special Purpose Ledger. Before joining Barclays Capital in 1997, Luke worked for Andersen Consulting as a member of its SAP Core Group.

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