Give Dashboard Users the Ability to Export Data to Excel at Run Time

  • by Ming Kai Goh, SAP NetWeaver BW-Certified Consultant
  • December 30, 2013
Learn how to leverage SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise, together with OpenDocument, to export the data points in SAP Dashboards to Excel at run time, thus improving stakeholder access to data and maximizing the organization’s investment in SAP BusinessObjects tool suite.
Learning Objectives
After reading this article, you will know:
  • How to construct and configure the OpenDocument URL in SAP Dashboards
  • How the OpenDocument parameters work to filter generate the data in Excel format
Key Concept

SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise is the long-term successor to Crystal Reports Designer. It is more closely integrated with SAP data sources especially SAP NetWeaver BW. It is the only BusinessObjects tool that allows you to instruct the target document to open in Excel format through an OpenDocument URL. The OpenDocument URL can then be bound to a URL button component in SAP Dashboards to achieve the export to Excel functionality.

One of the most challenging requirements of an SAP Dashboards project is the need to export data points presented in dashboard charts to Excel so that the information can be further analyzed, processed, and distributed across the organization. There is no standard export-to-Excel component available in SAP Dashboards for delivery of the data.

For example, a regional sales manager runs a dashboard with filters applied on the sales organization and sales area combo boxes. After that, users must engage in workarounds if they want to download (export) the data to their local workstations before applying a formula on the sales data and disseminating the report to others in the organization.

I have created a solution that does not require an add-on component or programming knowledge. The solution, which is based completely on standard SAP BusinessObjects components, allows the export of run-time data in SAP Dashboards to Excel in an intuitive manner, similar to downloading a document from Web sites.

Ming Kai Goh

Ming Kai Goh is an SAP NetWeaver BW-certified consultant with more than seven years of IT experience. He specializes in business intelligence and data warehousing and has worked on several large SAP BI support and implementation projects in the functional areas of HR, SD, and FI/CO in the past five years. Ming Kai is on LinkedIn at

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