Going Global? Update Your Web Shop Text Fields in 10 Minutes Without Modifying Source Code

  • by Ludwig Hunecke, Development Consultant, SYCOR GmbH
  • Martin Walter, Development Consultant, SYCOR GmbH
  • June 22, 2009
A small enhancement to the SAP E-Commerce text process allows you to make it easier to adjust static Web text, such as the text on buttons. This gives you the opportunity to implement a custom translation process that fits your individual requirements, enabling global companies to provide the same Web experience to all customers, regardless of language.
Key Concept

SAP E-Commerce consists of several elements. The model talks with the SAP CRM and SAP ERP system, which feeds the Web shop with data. The controller controls the application’s action flow, deciding what happens and in what order. The view makes everything accessible by a graphical user interface. This approach of dividing an application into a model, view, and controller is called the MVC design pattern.

If you have experienced an SAP E-Commerce project life cycle, you might have touched the sensitive topic of changing texts. For example, if your company has both an English Web page and a German Web page, you want to be able to offer your customers the same Web experience in both languages. You have to differ between texts related to products and customers (e.g., product pricing and descriptions) on the one side and static Web shop texts (e.g., button captions and labels) on the other side.

Product descriptions and customer data are always delivered from the SAP CRM/SAP ERP back-end system. You can change these texts very quickly — after changing the texts in the back end, the new texts are available in the Web shop. However, changing static texts in your Web shop counts as a modification of source code. As a result, you must run through a complete release process, including test and production transports, just to change a text.

Rather than following the complete release process each time you need to change a text, we can show you how to change your static Web shop texts within 10 minutes. Through a comparison of the current and new development processes you will see how you can save time and resources without violating rules and guidelines for SAP E-Commerce development. We will not offer a technical deep dive, but a bird’s eye view on what you can achieve and how.

Ludwig Hunecke

Ludwig Hunecke is a development consultant working at SYCOR GmbH. His daily work focuses on solutions within the range of SAP E-Commerce, SAP WebDynpro, JSE/J2EE, and SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure. In the past four years, Ludwig has designed and implemented diverse requirements for multiple customer projects.

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Martin Walter

Martin Walter is a development consultant at SYCOR GmbH with two and a half years of SAP E-Commerce experience. His studies of commercial information technology is the basis for his work, which is focused on consulting and project management in the field of SAP E-Commerce and SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure as well as ABAP and Java developments.

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