How to Best Use Sort Fields in the Action Job Monitor

  • by Dwarakanath Maligi, Senior Consultant, The Principal Consulting, Inc.
  • June 15, 2011
Discover the steps behind using the sort functionality in action job monitor, including how to define an action profile, extend the one order context, use a Business Add-In to fill the sort fields, and create a layout with sort fields. Because standard order context does not have the fields that the user for sorting data, this article helps bridge this gap.
Key Concept
The action job monitor is used to trigger the processing of actions for several documents. To use the action monitor to process actions, in the actions profile customizing screen, select the Process Using Selection Report option.

If you use the action job monitor (transaction CRMC_ACTION_JOB) to print documents, you might have a business requirement to execute the actions in a particular sequence (e.g., print service orders by ship-to party, employee responsible, or service date).

There is no standard documentation to use sort fields on the action job monitor. The following step-by-step instructions show how to define the sort attributes and use them accordingly. Your actions provide three sort fields to be used for sorting. The sort fields are on the action profile, and you can fill the fields with attributes from the order context in the action profile. The standard order context does not have the fields on which you need to sort. If you need to use additional fields (e.g., employee responsible or order date), you can extend the order context class and use the context extend Business Add-In (BAdI) to populate the additional fields in the extended context class. Let’s look at how to do this.

Dwarakanath Maligi

Dwarakanath Maligi is a certified SAP CRM senior consultant with The Principal Consulting, Inc. He specializes in SAP CRM and SAP sales and distribution.

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