How to Create Custom Filters for Segment Builder

  • by William R. Pritchett, Senior Business Process Engineer, Dow Corning Corporation
  • December 15, 2008
SAP CRM Marketing allows you to filter your business partner database to send email campaigns to any target group. Learn how to create custom filters so that you can segment contacts based on virtually any selection criteria.
Key Concept

Standard filters allow you to build target groups based on the contacts' marketing attributes or other criteria, such as their country or region. However, you may have cases in which you want to combine selection criteria or use programming logic to determine whether or not a business partner should be included in a target group. SAP CRM provides the toolset you need to build complex filters that include virtually any type of selection criteria for segmentation.

In 2006, Dow Corning Corporation implemented SAP CRM 2005 as a foundation for our Sales and Marketing functionality. We now use SAP for all our global email-based marketing campaigns.

Each time we execute an email campaign, we first use Segment Builder (transaction CRMD_MKTSEG) to create a target group, which is the list of contacts who will receive the campaign. The criteria for creating the target group vary with each campaign. Many of our campaigns are based on marketing attributes. For example, we may want to target contacts who have expressed an interest in using Dow Corning products in the construction industry. Other campaigns may target different industry sectors, or they may be sent to contacts who have subscribed to our email-based newsletters. Since we have marketing attributes set up for these campaigns, it is easy to create filters for building the target groups. Let me show you how this is done.

William R. Pritchett

William (Bill) Pritchett has more than 25 years of IT industry experience and has worked at Dow Corning Corporation for the past 16 years. Over the past eight years he has focused on the company’s CRM systems and processes. His current responsibilities include expanding the capabilities of Dow Corning’s SAP CRM 7.0 system.

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