How to Handle Complex SAP Pricing with HANA

  • by Navin Advani, Senior Manager, SAP Practice, Deloitte
  • Iwan Santoso, Specialist Master, SAP Practice, Deloitte
  • Abhay Borwankar, Director, SAP Practice, Deloitte
  • December 16, 2013
See how HANA can speed up complex pricing calculations for online Web-based order entry, which is becoming a prime channel of engagement.
Learning Objectives

Reading this article you will learn:

  • How to use HANA to speed up catalog pricing
Key Concept

In a sidecar setup (also known as a secondary database), the SAP application server still uses its classical database as its primary persistence, but it is also connected to a HANA database, which serves as its secondary persistence. A replication service (usually SAP Landscape Transformation [SLT]) replicates a subset of the application tables into HANA's column store and turbo-charges specific transactions. 

As a part of the SAP HANA initiative of collaborating with SAP and building solutions on the SAP HANA foundation, we have modeled and built a solution for a business case for complex pricing calculations for the consumer products, retail, and distribution industries. A prerequisite is SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) with HANA in a sidecar database. You can use either SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or ECC for the priced catalog use case we present.

The solution is based on the sidecar (secondary database) approach: The SAP HANA database with its in-memory computational design can provide significant performance improvements for existing pricing solution in the short term. (To learn more about HANA see the sidebar “SAP’s Strategy for In-Memory Computing.”) 

Navin Advani

Navin Advani is a senior manager in Deloitte’s SAP practice focused on the consumer products, retail, and distribution industries. He has more than 15 years of leadership experience in SAP-enabled business transformation programs, helping clients establish and achieve business case benefits. He has led the development of various use cases on SAP HANA to help translate the in-memory performance boost to measureable benefits to client businesses.

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Iwan Santoso

Iwan Santoso is a specialist master in Deloitte’s SAP practice with 17 years of SAP development experience. Iwan has been focusing in SAP development across industries and in various SAP development technologies. Iwan has been working closely with SAP Waldorf in SAP Netweaver and SAP HANA integration.

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Abhay Borwankar

Abhay Borwankar is a director in Deloitte’s SAP practice. Abhay has more than 21 years of experience focused on helping businesses maximize the value of strategic IT investments including SAP-centered enterprise transformation initiatives. Abhay has a track record of driving excellence by implementing impactful, innovative and high-performing solutions that deliver competitive advantage and operational excellence by leveraging cutting-edge SAP technologies, such as HANA and mobile.

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