How to Move SAP Data Services from One Data Center to Another

  • by Ramesh Kannan, SAP Security/Basis Manager CTS
  • September 13, 2016
Learn how to migrate an SAP BusinessObjects Data Services’ source data center to a target data center environment by following these step-by-step instructions. In this scenario, both the source and target systems are Windows-based servers.
Learning Objectives

By reading this article, you will learn:

  • An easy process for migrating SAP BusinessObjects Data Services
  • Tips for planning in advance for a migration
Key Concept
The SAP BusinessObjects Data Services application delivers a single enterprise solution for data integration, data quality, data profiling, and analysis, which allows integration, transformation, improvement to, and delivery of trusted data that supports critical business processes and solid decision-making.

Migrating SAP BusinessObjects Data Services (also referred to informally as BODS) from one data center to another data center is a big task. Despite this, there is not much available documentation for how to do this. Although there are a few SAP Notes, there is no one-stop resource with details for how to move SAP BusinessObjects Data Services. As a result, I created this guide for users who would like more detail about this kind of data migration.

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services consists of three types of software that are installed on the same server, each with its own discrete purpose and tasks. They are: SAP BusinessObjects Data Services, SAP Information Steward, and SAP Information Platform Services. (In this article, the focus is primarily on SAP BusinessObjects Data Services.) By following the steps outlined in this article, you learn how to easily migrate SAP BusinessObjects Data Services from a source data center to a target data center. All the steps outlined are according to SAP’s best practices. Reasons for moving data centers include making changes to a company’s policy, requiring a change of the data center’s location from A to B, or outsourcing business data management to a third-party data center. Sometimes it could just even be the result of a change in the hostnames for the systems. These are just some examples for making this change, depending on the company’s requirements.

I show how to migrate SAP BusinessObjects Data Services to another database (in this example, an Oracle database) and discuss the different SAP tools to do the migration. In this scenario, the Oracle database’s schema users are exported from the source system using Oracle tools, and then transferred and imported into the target SAP Business Warehouse (BW) system. The method details are explained, along with the codes.

Before beginning, you first have to check the source and target versions of SAP BusinessObjects Data Services, SAP Data Steward, and Information Platform Services in the Product Availability Matrix (PAM).

Ramesh Kannan

Ramesh Kannan has over 20 years of information technology experience in SAP consulting, and specializes in SAP Cyber Security, SAP NetWeaver, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP BI, and SAP Data Services products. He also has extensive experience in migration, upgrades, and Unicode conversions. Ramesh has worked with clients such as Shell in Europe (The Netherlands and France) and the UK, and other oil & gas companies in the US. Ramesh has a bachelor's degree in engineering (computer science) and a post-graduate diploma in business management.

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10/22/2016 1:01:53 AM
Majeed - Treehouse Foods, Illinois

Amazing article !! This article gave us a insight on migrating the SAP Dataservices and changing the hostnames if needed. I agree with previous comments that there is no specific document from SAP on migrating SAP Dataservices to a new hardware or a datacenter.
10/20/2016 2:04:53 AM
Ramesh Kannan

Hi Lai Tik Woon,

Thanks for your nice comments.
I'll check on writing the migration of Data Services document for Unix Servers.

10/19/2016 12:29:51 AM
Lai Tik Woon

This documentation is awesome. After seeing your article we were able to migrate SAP Data Services. These kind of steps are not even provided by SAP. I saw the other documents of yours as well. Do you have experience in migrating Data Services in Unix server. If you can create a document of that it will be nice to have.

Lai Tik Woon
Senior Architect SAP
Company Averis ssn bhd Level 5, Tower 2, Avenue 5, Bangsar South City, No 8, Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
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