How to Select the Best Mobile SAP CRM Option for You

  • by Martin Fecteau, Senior SAP Mobile Consultant and Associated Partner, msc mobile Canada Inc.
  • Alexander Ilg, Founder, msc mobile
  • May 15, 2008
SAP offers multiple mobile solutions for SAP CRM that you can enhance to meet your needs. Determine which option is best for your mobile team and find out the technical requirements for each.
Key Concept

To work with SAP CRM you must be online and connected to your com­pany network with a PC or laptop. SAP offers three mobile solutions that allow you to either work offline with a laptop or PDA or to access your CRM system online via the browser of your BlackBerry or smartphone. They are SAP Mobile Sales for Laptop, SAP Mobile Sales for Handheld, and SAP Mobile Sales Online.

In the US alone, more than 60 million people — representing 45% of the overall workforce — spend 20% or more of their on-the-job time outside of the office. This includes many sales representatives and other people who must access SAP CRM to carry out their work anywhere and anytime.

In 2004, 2% to 5% of IT budgets were spent on mobile implementations; in 2008 it is around 8 to 10% (Gartner). This shows the growth of the mobile market, which has just started. In the near future, people will take mobile solutions for granted, just as they do with their desktop computers today.

We’ll provide an overview about the standard SAP Mobile applications that connect with SAP CRM to enable you to pick the right solution for your use case. We will compare the business cases and the functional scope of the three standard SAP solutions: SAP Mobile Sales for Laptop (SAP MSA Laptop), SAP Mobile Sales for Handheld (SAP MSA Handheld), and SAP Mobile Sales Online (SAP MSA Online). We will look into the required landscape as well as the technical background.

Martin Fecteau

Martin Fecteau is a software architect and senior consultant who has seven years of experience with SAP. He worked for more than five years within the mobile development group at SAP Labs Canada where he was involved in the development of Mobile Direct Store Delivery, Mobile Sales Online, and the Mobile Business Client on BlackBerry. Before leaving SAP in 2007, he was the development and project lead of MSA Online. Martin joined msc mobile Canada in March 2008 as associated partner and senior SAP Mobile consultant.

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Alexander Ilg

Alexander Ilg first came into contact with mobile software in 1997 when he implemented a mobile software solution for DaimlerChrysler. He has worked with SAP’s mobile software since 2002 and has been involved in numerous mobile projects, bringing more than 100,000 mobile users live. Alexander was part of the team that implemented the SAP NetWeaver Mobile Time and Travel and Mobile Asset Management solutions. In 2006, he founded msc mobile ltd., which focuses on implementing easy-to-use mobile solutions.

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