How to Use the Bookmarking and Personalization Features of SAP Design Studio

  • by Ingo Hilgefort, Vice President of Product Management, Visual BI Solutions
  • February 18, 2015
SAP Design Studio 1.3 provides the ability to bookmark and personalize dashboards. The designer of the dashboard can integrate these additional functionalities into the design and give them to the consumers of the dashboard, providing them with a personalized viewing experience.
Learning Objectives

By reading this article you will:

  • Understand the bookmarking and personalization concepts of SAP Design Studio
  • Learn more about the differences between the bookmarking and personalization functionalities
  • Learn how to set up dashboards in SAP Design Studio using the bookmarking and personalization functionalities
Key Concept

SAP Design Studio 1.3 gives designers the option to integrate the bookmarking and personalization options into the design of their dashboards and applications. Bookmarking allows the consumer of the dashboard to save the current navigation state and to recall, share, or delete such a configuration. Personalization is similar to bookmarking, with the main difference being that a personalization can be used as the default navigation for the dashboard.

I review the concepts of bookmarking and personalization of SAP Design Studio, and then show how to build dashboards with SAP Design Studio, which leverages the bookmarking and personalization functionalities.

Bookmarking in SAP Design Studio

The bookmarking functionality of SAP Design Studio gives the designer of the dashboard the ability to give the consumer of the dashboard the option to save the navigation state of the dashboard. Now this functionality might sound familiar, as this is also available via the personalization feature of SAP Design Studio. Bookmarking and personalization are very similar capabilities, but bookmarking allows the consumer to save multiple navigation states whereas personalization only allows the consumer to save one navigation state.

The bookmarking ability gives the consumer the option to save different navigation states and save them under a given name, as well as the option to then recall these saved bookmarks when viewing the dashboard or application. In addition, the consumer has the option to share saved bookmarks with other users.

Personalization in SAP Design Studio

The personalization functionality feature of SAP Design Studio gives the designer of the application or dashboard the ability to allow the consumer of the dashboard to save the current navigation state of the application. For example, the next time the consumer refreshes the dashboard, the personalized state of the dashboard is used as the default view. In this case, the dashboard shows the revenue over the last 12 months in the form of a crosstab. The consumer of the dashboard may personalize this dashboard to show the revenue broken down by quarters instead of months and, when recalling the dashboard the next time, the default view for the user will be revenue by quarters.

Each user can only have one set of personalized values for a particular dashboard, as the personalization stores the information in a dashboard with a user-specific combination.

The personalization feature in SAP Design Studio is so far only available when using SAP Design Studio in local mode or in combination with the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform; the feature is not available in combination with SAP HANA or SAP BW as deployment platforms for SAP Design Studio.

Ingo Hilgefort

Ingo Hilgefort started his career in 1999 with Seagate Software/Crystal Decisions as a trainer and consultant. He moved to Walldorf for Crystal Decisions at the end of 2000, and worked with the SAP NetWeaver BW development team integrating Crystal Reports with SAP NetWeaver BW. He then relocated to Vancouver in 2004, and worked as a product manager/program manager (in engineering) on the integration of BusinessObjects products with SAP products. Ingo's focus is now on the integration of the SAP BusinessObjects BI suite with  SAP landscapes, such as SAP BW and SAP BW on SAP HANA, focusing on end-to-end integration scenarios. In addition to his experience as a product manager and in his engineering roles, Ingo has been involved in architecting and delivering deployments of SAP BusinessObjects software in combination with SAP software for a number of global customers, and has been recognized by the SAP Community as an SAP Mentor for SAP BusinessObjects- and SAP integration-related topics. Currently, Ingo is the Vice President of Product Management and Product Strategy at Visual BI Solutions, working on extensions to SAP’s product offering such as SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and SAP Lumira. You may follow him on Twitter at @ihilgefort.

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