IC WinClient or IC WebClient? How to Choose a Call Center Interface

  • by Gil Magana, Principal Consultant, Intelligroup
  • June 15, 2006
Are you trying to decide between using Interaction Center (IC) WinClient or IC WebClient? With all the variations of interfaces, methods, and terminology, the limited information available to support these choices further complicates an already tricky situation. Find out about the differences between IC WinClient and IC WebClient for a mySAP CRM call center and some high-level considerations you should ponder before committing yourself to a platform.
Key Concept
Interaction Center (IC) in mySAP CRM allows you to manage service, sales, and marketing activities by phone, fax, email, or Internet. IC centralizes all the necessary information about your company’s customers. Agents can use IC to handle day-to-day business transactions (e.g., sales orders and quotations), while managers can use IC to handle administrative tasks, such as monitoring the agents and their transactions. You can choose between IC WinClient, based on SAPGUI, or IC WebClient, a Web browser-based option.

SAP continues to widen the functionality of its tools and applications to connect its growing customer base across one enterprise. For example, the Interaction Center (IC) call center application is available in two user interfaces (UIs) — IC WinClient and the newer IC WebClient. This creates choice and opportunity, but leaves companies with the responsibility of analyzing which UI best represents their interests. Questions to consider when choosing a UI include, “Who am I targeting with this implementation — my employees, management, or customers?” This information arms you with the knowledge to take the next steps in realizing your business objectives.

For example, you may want to focus on the sales functionality in IC. In this case, IC WinClient may be your better option. On the other hand, if you focus more on the service aspect of IC, you might want to choose IC WebClient. Also, you may want to think about how important it is to have the latest functionality available. SAP has started offering functionality in IC WebClient without also making it available in IC WinClient. With mySAP CRM 2005, you can see some of these subtle differences such as the addition of new wizards and fast sales order entry in IC WebClient. These features are not available in IC WinClient.

To help explain the differences between IC WinClient and IC WebClient, I will provide an overview of each of these UIs. Then I will compare them with regard to complexity, environment, necessary skills, ease of use, mobility, technology involved, security, and user perception. I will also explain how People-Centric UI figures into a call center interface decision.


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