Improve Control-M's Handling of BW Data Loads with These Enhancements

  • by Gersh Voldman, Business Intelligence Manager, Inforte Inc.
  • June 1, 2003
Many companies use BMC Software's Control-M to schedule and monitor jobs for both SAP and non-SAP applications. Control-M has a few limitations when dealing with BW Data Loads - for example, it cannot show the statuses of all the loads within a job. The author shows how you can enhance BW and Control-M to circumvent these limitations.


SAP has a powerful tool for scheduling and monitoring jobs (transaction code SM36—Define Background Job). It offers a lot of functionality, including periodic runs, starting one job when another finishes, and starting after an event. A key limitation of this tool is that it works only with SAP software. Companies that run SAP software often use third-party applications that have to communicate with SAP products. These companies usually prefer to use one scheduling and monitoring tool across all applications—SAP and non-SAP. This way they don’t have to teach the operations staff different tools, and they can synchronize job execution in systems running different software.

One popular scheduling product is Control-M from BMC Software, Inc. It interfaces well with SAP R/3 and with other applications. Control-M now works with BW by adding functionality to SM36. However, the product has limitations when dealing with data loads. Specifically, Control-M cannot “see” individual data loads, so error reporting is a problem. Also, it can show the status of a job, but not the statuses of all the loads in the job. You can’t get a “big picture” view of all data loads.

Gersh Voldman

Gersh Voldman has more that 15 years of IT experience including more than 10 years in consulting. His main area of interest is BW where he has over five years of experience from more than six successful projects. Gersh is a business intelligence manager at Inforte Inc.

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