Improve Customer Service by Enhancing the Integration of CRM and ECC Logistics and Billing

  • by Gunawan Hasim, Senior Consultant, ecenta Australia
  • July 5, 2012
Most companies have established their logistics and billing processes in their SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) systems. Since understanding customers better has become a key strategy, many organizations are now also using SAP CRM to improve and analyze customer experience, interaction, and satisfaction. Integrating the two systems gives companies the option to maintain their solid logistic and billing processes in SAP ECC and enable a customer-centric strategy in SAP CRM.
Key Concept
One of the key integration points between SAP CRM and SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) is between the service order in SAP CRM and logistics and billing in SAP ECC. Service industries come with complex and unique business requirements that require system flexibility. This integration requires enhancements to standard SAP ECC and CRM.

In service industries such as high tech, call centers and customer service are key after-sales processes. SAP CRM has built-in customer-centric processes for support in marketing, sales, and service. Interaction center and service order functions in SAP CRM also have built-in integration with SAP ECC backend processes. This provides a complete solution for industries that have service- and customer-focused processes. In this article, I explain standard SAP CRM Service integration with SAP ECC logistics and billing and cover enhancement techniques to address some specific business challenges.

My first enhancement overcomes the limitation on standard integration functionalities, such as one-to-one dependency between the purchase order (PO) order type and the logistics integration scenario. For a company that has an SAP ECC system with PO order types that handle more than one purchase order scenario, this is a problem. This enhancement gives an organization a flexible system to decide which PO order type is used for specific business requirements.

Depending on how a company operates, it may also need to have additional control on when a CRM service order should trigger the creation of a Debit Memo Request (DMR) in SAP ECC. In standard SAP integration, the system performs a check on the CRM service order status. My second enhancement allows the system to perform an additional check for a business requirement before triggering DMR creation in SAP ECC.

Gunawan Hasim

Gunawan Hasim is a senior consultant at ecenta Australia Pty. Ltd. He has more than 11 years of experience in SAP projects in different industries, including manufacturing, utilities, and high tech. Gunawan has been involved with major SAP CRM implementations in Internet sales, opportunity, sales activity with integration to external mobile (PDA) applications, SAP CRM Middleware enhancement for ECC product master, and SAP CRM Service integration with logistics and billing in ECC.

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