Improve System Performance While Processing Large SAP CRM One-Order Transactions

  • by Nagur V. Kanna, Manager, Capgemini US LLC
  • Akarsh Ravi, Manager, Capgemini US LLC
  • November 7, 2013
This article describes standard features and customizations you can use to increase system speed when dealing with large documents that often weaken system performance.
Learning Objectives
  •  Learn how SAP CRM 7.0 with enhancement package 1 improves system performance.
  •  Learn various enhancements that you can code to improve system performance for large one-order documents.
Key Concept

System performance is a very common issue with large documents (e.g., one-order transactions such as sales contracts, sales orders, and service contracts) that are processed in SAP CRM. In most cases, working with a large number of line items in these documents can be a major challenge. SAP provides some standard features (e.g., lean billing and a new pricing interface) that help improve performance to an extent. However, implementing these features alone might not be sufficient to achieve a satisfactory level of performance. You can implement a number of custom solutions, such as Business Document decoupling and changed item logic, to further improve your system’s performance.

Many businesses need to capture the details of their transactions with customers within a single document. In certain industries, these documents are very large to begin with, and the documents can constantly grow over time. Common examples of this are service contracts in the utilities industry and license sales contracts in media and entertainment scenarios.

When you implement these document types in SAP CRM and need to work with large documents, system performance becomes critical. For end users, the ability to navigate through these documents, perform header- and item-level operations, make changes, save changes, and create follow-on documents becomes extremely time consuming due to slow system performance.

In this article, we discuss both standard features and tried-and-true custom solutions that can help you alleviate performance issues, thereby improving system usability and user satisfaction.

Nagur V. Kanna

Nagur (Vinay) Kanna is a manager at Capgemini US LLC. He has more than six years of SAP CRM and SAP ECC implementation experience in the media and entertainment, CPG, and high-tech sectors. Before moving to consulting, he was a senior SAP CRM product developer for four years at SAP Labs Bangalore, specializing in the areas of SAP CRM MDF, TPM, marketing, and territory management. His expertise includes solution design and architecture, SAP CRM-IPM, SAP CRM development (using the CRM WebClient UI, ABAP Objects, CRM Middleware, and one-order and marketing framework), performance tuning, and HANA modeling. He is SAP Certified Application Associate (Edition 2013) - SAP HANA.

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Akarsh Ravi

Akarsh Ravi is a manager at Capgemini US LLC with over eight years of experience implementing SAP CRM and SAP ECC solutions in the high-tech, manufacturing, and media and entertainment industries. His areas of expertise include SAP CRM sales, marketing, IPM, and cProjects; and he is a certified PMP and SAP CRM Sales professional.

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