Improve WAD Reports by Adding the Ability to Filter with an External List of Values

  • by Shlomi Weiss, CTO, BICS Israel, Ltd.
  • July 22, 2011
See how to create a template that allows users to filter a Business Explorer Web Application Designer report by any list of values, even if they are not grouped in SAP NetWeaver BW.
Key Concept
You can use a TEXTAREA HTML tag and some basic JavaScript functions to add an input area into your Business Explorer Web Application Designer reports. You manipulate the content with JavaScript to change it from column format to a long string with semicolon separators. The Web template enables end users to filter reports by an external list of values coming, for example, from Microsoft Excel.

Perhaps you have an external Microsoft Excel file that holds a list of customers or employees. Did you know you can easily build a text area into Business Explorer (BEx) Web Application Designer (WAD)? The user then can paste a list of values from Microsoft Excel and filter the report by a random list of values, such as by country.

In BEx 3.5 you can click the more icon and easily upload a list of values from the clipboard. Using the Select Single Values tab, you can paste a list of values from the clipboard to the screen. However, in WAD 3.5 and 7.0, that functionality is not available.

By using a basic TEXTAREA HTML object with some JavaScript, you can add similar functionality to any Web template and any object.

Shlomi Weiss

Shlomi Weiss is CTO at BICS Israel LTD. He has 10 years of experience in classic BI and SAP NetWeaver BW. BICS Israel LTD is a niche BI consulting services company that provides a full spectrum of integrated enterprise information management consulting ser­vices and solutions, serving a wide variety of enterprises in many industries.  

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