Increase Your BI Efficiency by Using Design-Centric Development Methodology

  • by Anton Karnaukhov, Senior IT Manager, Pacific Coast Companies, Inc.
  • January 1, 2008
Adapting your BI data warehouse environment to use a business intelligence design-centric development process allows you to incorporate best practices as a standard part of data modeling and query design. Learn about the four phases in a design-centric development implementation that you can apply to your SAP NetWeaver BI system and the steps required for each phase.
Key Concept

Design-centric BI development methodology stresses the importance of data modeling on paper prior to performing any technical changes within the data warehouse. It also advocates a holistic approach to BI back-end development in which all the data components that are important to the resulting queries are considered from the beginning of the process and incorporated into the final solution.

As business users learn to use the analytical tools that are now available to them, the requirements for availability of information within a data warehouse increase exponentially. Faced with the complexity of the data warehouse architecture, BI teams are pressured to deliver more InfoProviders in a shorter time frame.

The recent agile development revolution in the programming realm has allowed many IT shops to set new standards for acceptable development efficiency. This methodology focuses on dividing and delivering solutions in smaller, more manageable chunks of work while keeping a continuous feedback loop with the end user throughout the development process.

However, when it comes to back-end development within a data warehouse — including the modeling of InfoProviders and the extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) process — design-centric development methodology is more efficient and effective.

Anton Karnaukhov

Anton Karnaukhov is a senior IT manager at Pacific Coast Companies, Inc., in Sacramento, California. He earned an MBA degree at Heriot-Watt University and a BS/BA degree with a specialization in computer information systems at Western Carolina University. Anton has more than eight years of SAP implementation and development experience focusing on business intelligence and logistics modules in the manufacturing and resale industries.

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