Introducing BW 7.3's New InfoProviders

  • by Ned Falk, Senior Education Consultant, SAP
  • October 23, 2013
Ned Falk introduces the new InfoProviders in SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3. Some only work with SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator and HANA, and some with BW running on any approved databases such as Oracle or SQL Server. Knowing the purpose and benefits of each InfoProvider type ensures you pick the correct one when modeling your BW system.
Key Concept

An InfoProvider is an SAP NetWeaver BW object that provides information to an SAP NetWeaver BW Query. In other words, if you can write a BEx query on it, it is an InfoProvider. Note: Just because you can write a query on some InfoProvider does not mean you should. For example, SAP always recommends using MultiProviders. In another case, when you write a query directly against the cubes used by Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) for consolidations, you might not get the correct answer.

With SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 SAP has provided improvements to existing InfoProviders and more importantly introduced some brand-new ones. These new ones include CompositeProviders, HybridProviders, semantically partitioned objects (SPOs), a query itself, and TransientProviders. Add these new ones to the existing different types of InfoCubes, three kinds of DataStore objects (DSOs), MultiProviders, and InfoObjects and confusion may result. I review the basics, introduce you to the new ones, and explain why you would use them.

Ned Falk

Ned Falk is a senior education consultant at SAP. In prior positions, he implemented many ERP solutions, including SAP R/3. While at SAP, he initially focused on logistics. Now he focuses on SAP HANA, SAP BW (formerly SAP NetWeaver BW), SAP CRM, and the integration of SAP BW and SAP BusinessObjects tools. You can meet him in person when he teaches SAP HANA, SAP BW, or SAP CRM classes from the Atlanta SAP office, or in a virtual training class over the web. If you need an SAP education plan for SAP HANA, SAP BW, BusinessObjects, or SAP CRM, you may contact Ned via email.

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