Load CSV Files to BW Through a Web Page Using XML

  • by Martin Ringvold, Independent SAP NetWeaver BI Consultant
  • June 1, 2007
As an alternative to centrally collected and administrated light flat file loads, allow online submission of data directly to SAP NetWeaver BW through a Web page.
Key Concept
XML is a format that allows for flexible and structured encoding and exchange of Web documents between computer systems. An XML document contains data records along with several tags that explain each field in the data record in the data set. The recipient systems of XML document use these tags to determine what kind of data the XML record contains for subsequent processing. Consequently, the records found in an XML document contain a very high degree of overhead data. In fact, the XML document may contain more overhead data than actual data records. XML data loads should therefore only be considered for smaller loads of data, not mass data loads.

As a data consolidation tool, an integral part of SAP BW is the ability to connect to various SAP and non- SAP systems for data collection. You can use Extensive Markup Language (XML) with a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) DataSource to upload data to BW. I’m going to explain how your BW system can receive comma-separated value (CSV) file data submission to BW directly through a Web page.

The business process of submitting data files to an administrator for BW upload processing is optimized by replacing a manual process with automation. The collection, handling of multiple data files, and subsequent BW flat file up­load is a three-step process that you can replace with a one-step Web page data submission.

The XML/SOAP architecture has been available since BW 3.0B and is supported through the release of SAP NetWeaver 2004. I wrote this article based on a solution developed on the BW 3.5 platform.

Martin Ringvold

Martin Ringvold, MBA, is an independent, certified BI solution consultant focusing on functional and technical aspects around SAP NetWeaver BI/SAP CRM integration projects. He has a background in computer science and four years of SAP NetWeaver BI implementation experience. He is currently affiliated with Nsight, Inc.

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