Load Data into Two BW Systems from One R/3 Source with Zero Downtime

  • by Michael Loveless, BI Strategic Architect, Sapiex, Inc.
  • Gueorgui Patchov, BW Data Architect, Sapiex, Inc.
  • February 1, 2005
Are you worried about what adding another BW instance to your ERP system may mean to your end users? Here’s a technique that allows you to bring another BW system online without any outages on the source system. It can be used for other tasks such as reinitializing the system to reduce the impact on the ERP system.
Key Concept
Delta updates allow current data in an InfoProvider to be refreshed without performing a full data load. Delta extractions streamline ETL procedures and eliminate much of the resource drain associated with full data loads. Initialization prepares the BW system before performing a delta update.

Some companies require more than one SAP BW system for an R/3 instance to satisfy their organizational reporting requirements. You can imagine the logistical difficulties deploying and synchronizing data in multiple BW systems with a lone ERP source. There is also an ever-present risk that users will be forced to endure significant system outages to ensure that the BW systems remain in sync with the transactional system.

Organizations try to achieve a near-zero time gap between their R/3 and BW systems, regardless of the number of BW instances. This continues to be the goal as new BW systems are brought online. Data must be continuously updated in all instances of the BW data warehouse as it is added to, changed, or deleted in the R/3 system.

We’ll show you how BW systems through BW 3.x have been improved to better accommodate ETL procedures and make the process more efficient. We’ll also take a look at how you can use some of this enhanced functionality to add another BW system to your existing SAP landscape without losing access to the R/3 system. With our approach, tasks such as initialization and delta updates run in parallel with the transactional activity so the R/3 system is completely undisturbed.

Michael Loveless

Michael Loveless is an SAP NetWeaver BI strategic architect for Sapiex, Inc., a consulting group that focuses on strategic architecture planning and integration for SAP applications. Previously, he worked for SAP America (1998-2004) as a platinum SAP NetWeaver BI consultant. Michael has worked on many SAP NetWeaver BI projects in roles ranging from an SAP NetWeaver BI application configuration consultant to a global strategic SAP NetWeaver BI SME. Currently, he is working as an SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 project manager and architect for a global forecasting solution project in the pharmaceutical industry, and as a global BI strategic planner for federal government projects.

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Gueorgui Patchov

Gueorgui Patchov is an SAP BW data architect with Sapiex, Inc., a consulting group that focuses on strategic architecture planning and integration for SAP applications. Previously, he worked for the Rohm and Haas Company in Philadelphia, PA, and has provided BI consulting services in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and consumer products industries. Currently, he is consulting for a large SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 implementation project in the pharmaceutical industry.

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