Make DB Connect Delta Capable with External Sources

  • by Bharat Patel, SAP BW System Manager, Bharat Petroleum, India
  • Shreekant W. Shiralkar, Global Head, SAP Analytics CoE, Tata Consultancy
  • May 1, 2005
Most DataSources within an SAP system are delta capable. However, the delta capability is not available when you connect to external databases using DB connect. By following this process, you will be able to connect your BW system to an external database and make the DataSource delta capable.
Key Concept
Delta-capable extractors deliver fewer records, which means fewer network resources are used, BW transfer and update rules require less work, and fewer records need to be rolled up in aggregates. Delta capability has a great impact on performance when you are loading data into BW.

The open architecture of SAP BW from Release 3.0 on allows you to integrate data from an external database using DB connect. It offers an option for extracting data into BW from tables and views in other external database management systems that are supported by SAP and are connected to BW.

The integration between BW and R/3 is seamless. DataSources and extractors are delivered along with a plug-in that is installed on the source system that makes the extraction of data into BW an easy task. Most of the DataSources are delta capable, which means they extract only the data that is newly created or changed after the last load into BW.

However, all the fun dries up when you use DB connect to extract data from a source system that is not part of SAP. Although BW allows you to connect to external databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2, the delta capability delivered as a part of the Service Application Programming Interface (SAPI) component of the plug-in is not available. Because of the lack of delta capability, system administrators monitoring extraction and system performance have not always exploited DB connect.

Bharat Patel

Bharat Patel is experienced in managing data warehouse technology for the petroleum industry. He is an SAP-certified BW and ABAP consultant, has authored a book on SAP BW, and teaches courses on BW and ABAP at the Sapient Academy and SAP Labs India. Bharat has presented papers about BW at Business Intelligence India Group (BIIG) conferences. He presently manages the SAP BW system at Bharat Petroleum, India.

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Shreekant W. Shiralkar

Shreekant W. Shiralkar is a senior management professional with experience on leading and managing business functions as well as technology consulting. He has authored best selling books and published many white papers on technology. He also holds patents for innovations. Presently he is global head of the SAP Analytics Centre of Excellence at Tata Consultancy.

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