Navigate Within WAD Reports Using Data Provider – Information (XML)

  • by Shlomi Weiss, CTO, BICS Israel, Ltd.
  • April 21, 2011
Understand the basic functionality of the Data provider – Information (XML) tool within Web Application Designer 7.0. A business scenario shows how to use it to navigate a report back and forth within a list of values.
Key Concept
One of the new objects in Web Application Designer 7.0 is the Data provider – Information (XML) tool. It allows you to add a query rule set and definitions to the output of reports. To search within the XML file you use XML Path Language (Xpath). It is a basic language to navigate through elements and attributes in an XML document.

Say you need to analyze data on a customer level. A simple Web application report shows several aspects of the customer but you want to navigate easily between customers without having to select a different customer each time.

The following simple business scenario explains how to accomplish that using XML functionality within BEx Web Application Designer (WAD) 7.0. My scenario provides a basic understanding of JavaScript inside WAD 7.0 and the use of XML Path Language (XPath) to read XML content. You can embed Xpath in a script object. You predefine the list of customers via a basic parameters screen. 

For the demonstration I created a basic InfoCube with sales and revenue data by country, customer, and material. My main goal is to have a Web template with two buttons:

  • Next: move to the next customer within the preselected country
  • Previous: move to the previous customer within the preselected country

The WAD also contains an analysis table with revenue data by material and a pie chart with sales data by material.

The first step is to create the two basic queries, revenue by material and sales by material. Both should have a filter over Country with the same variant. In my sample it is called Vcountry. In addition, I created another query to use for the list of customers. I have called it CUSTOMER_LIST_BY_COUNTRY. It is a simple query with the customer on the rows and the same filter with the same variable on Country.

Shlomi Weiss

Shlomi Weiss is CTO at BICS Israel LTD. He has 10 years of experience in classic BI and SAP NetWeaver BW. BICS Israel LTD is a niche BI consulting services company that provides a full spectrum of integrated enterprise information management consulting ser­vices and solutions, serving a wide variety of enterprises in many industries.  

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