New Repartitioning Functionality Simplifies Data Reorganization

  • by Muke Abdelnaby, Principal, Renaissance Partner Group, Inc.
  • July 1, 2008
Repartitioning is a new administration function that can improve system performance for InfoProviders. Find out the options you have for using it.
Key Concept

Repartitioning allows you to repartition an already filled dataset for any particular InfoProvider by either adding, merging, or completely partitioning the dataset. Successful repartitioning enhances the performance of queries and workbooks because queries access the directed repartitioned data.

Repartitioning in SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 enables you to repartition an InfoProvider after loading data into the dataset. Prior to SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 it was not possible to easily alter or repartition a populated InfoProvider. The repartitioning function allows you to reorganize the InfoProvider by adding, merging, or completely repartitioning the dataset without the need to create a new InfoProvider or dropping and reloading the data.

You can use repartitioning in the following scenarios:

  • You loaded additional data into a partitioned InfoProvider, causing the workbook and queries to run against one large InfoProvider

  • The time period of the partitions created when the InfoProviders were activated is too small, so the system gathers data for the current time period in an overflow partition

  • Partitions contain little or no data in the InfoProvider

  • The InfoProvider contains no initial partition, making it one large partition that needs to be re- partitioned

Muke Abdelnaby

Muke Abdelnaby is a principal with Renaissance Partner Group, Inc. (RPG). He and RPG create sustainable value for their customers by effective implementation and support of enterprise reporting, financial planning, and consolidations solutions. Muke and RPG not only focus on the technology of SAP NetWeaver, but also on business process understanding, industry knowledge, and technical expertise to deliver value solutions in both implementation services and product development. Muke has presented at several SAP NetWeaver BI sessions at ASUG and TechEd.

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