Open Hub Service Brings Monitoring and Delta Capabilities to Data Extraction from BW

  • by Lisette Bellissimo, Application Consultant, SAP America
  • May 1, 2003
SAP's Open Hub Service makes it easier to extract data from BW to non-SAP destinations than other methods, and it provides a means to monitor the process. This article explains what Open Hub Service can do and shows you how to create the mechanism--a new BW object called an InfoSpoke--by which the extractions are carried out.

With the introduction of Open Hub Service, SAP provides you with yet another way to extract data from your BW system and move it to non-SAP data marts and analytical applications.1 It is a tool specifically designed for the extraction of data from BW with various extraction options, detailed scheduling and monitoring, and delta capability. So what's the big deal?

Not only does Open Hub Service make extraction easier, but it also centralizes the extraction process so that anyone with access to the Open Hub Monitor can see what has been done. Before Open Hub Service, you might run a query and download the results to another system as an Excel file. However, you had no way to track when data was extracted, and you had no delta capability. Others on your team had no way of knowing that the extraction had taken place. Open Hub Service brings this capability to BW for the first time.

Open Hub Service facilitates BW's role as a source or information hub for controlled distribution of consistent, consolidated data to non-SAP destinations. It pulls data from the InfoCubes, ODSs, and master data stored in BW and sends that data to external destinations as either a relational database table or a flat file.

Central to Open Hub Service is the InfoSpoke. The InfoSpoke is a new BW object used for the extraction of data.

Lisette Bellissimo

Lisette Bellissimo is an application consultant specializing in the implementation of the Business Information Warehouse. Her experience is focused in the activation and enhancement of delivered business content and the creation of custom content to meet specific customer requirements. Lisette has experience with BW versions 2.0B, 2.1C, 3.0B, and 3.1C; and implementing BW in conjunction with SEM, FI, SD, MM, and CCS. In addition to her SAP experience, she is a seasoned IT professional with more than 20 years of experience in business reengineering and software development and deployment.

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